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Frequently Asked Questions   

What is TedallSearch?

TedallSearch is a link exchange service which allows the members to manually exchange links one with another by requesting and approving link trades.

What is TedallSearch forum?
The forum is for TedallSearch members only. Any member of TedallSearch is a member of the forum. The forum is a place where members can trade ideas on new linking strategies, discuss tips and optimization techniques, discuss website marketing and much more.

How much does it cost?
TedallSearch.com is provided by professional SEOs as a FREE resource for the community. The link exchange service is free to use by anyone who signs up for an account.

Is TedallSearch a “Link Farm”?
No, TedallSearch is a links management tool which offers you the chance to exchange links with other members. We take great pride in making sure that TedallSearch is a useful tool to find high quality sites.

Can I be penalized by search engines for using your service?
No. TedallSearch simply facilitates the process of exchanging links among its members. Using our services is no different that manually exchanging links.

Are there any types of websites you do not allow?
We do not allow websites that have been banned by search engines, websites that offer services similar to our own, “FFA” websites, “Link Farms”, online pharmacies, websites containing pornography, racist information or illegal content.

Does TedallSearch accept non-English websites?
Yes, we do. But your link title and description must be in English.

What if my website is not indexed yet by Google?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept websites that are not indexed by Google We have requirement to ensure that the websites within our database are not banned. This ultimately provides our members with the greatest benefit.

Do I need to upload any special script on my server?
No, you do not need to upload any special script on your server. When requesting / accepting a link exchange, you simply have to copy the provided HTML code and add it to website. That’s it!

After Signup what should I do?
Login to your account, go to "Manage websites" option on the right side and click "Add new site". After you add your website(s) you can start exchanging links.

Can I submit more than one website?
Yes, you can add as many websites as you want using one account.

Can I delete my TedallSearch account?
Accounts cannot be deleted by users. To cancel your account, please contact us.

How do I edit my account information?
Login to your account and then go to "Edit my profile" option on the right side.

How do I edit my website information?
Login to your account, go to "Manage websites" option and click the "Edit" button next to the website that you would like to modify the information for.

How do I find link exchange partners?
Link partners can be found either by browsing our directory or by performing a keyword search.

How do I exchange links?
Once you have logged in, select the website you would like to exchange links with, click the “Exchange Link” button and then follow the instructions. Wait for the webmaster to agree on the link exchange.

I've received a link exchange request, now what?
You have the ability to approve or decline any ad request you receive.

Once logged in go to "Manage link exchanges".

Select "approved" if you would like to accept that link exchange. To complete the link exchange you will have to place the reciprocal link on your site and most importantly, you will need to enter the URL of the page where you have placed the reciprocal link.

Select “declined” if you think the website does not suit the content of your website. In this case the webmaster that requested the exchange receives an email informing him of your denial.

I'm going on vacation, how can I stop people requesting links for a while?
In "Manage websites" there is a checkbox that enables/disables link exchanges for a specific website. When link exchanges are disabled the website remains visible in the directory but other users wont be able to send you link requests to that website.

My websites are not shown in the directory, why not?
When you are logged in, the system will never display your own websites.

I have discovered a member cheating the system, what shall I do?
Please contact us immediately and we will remove that member from the system.

How can I help TedallSearch?
You can help us with backlinks or by spreding the word about TedallSearch on forums and blogs. Also, if you have any ideas how to make TedallSearch experience better and more convenient, feel free to send your suggestions to our team.