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Polymer Energy™ offers an economical and environmentally responsible method of recycling and disposal of plastic waste. The Polymer Energy™ system uses catalytic pyrolysis to efficiently convert plastics into crude oil.

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Solar power (also known as solar energy) is a source of energy that uses radiation emitted by the Sun. It is a renewable energy source that has been used in many traditional technologies for centuries.

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HVAC business be one of the many that will fold in the next few years because they failed to understand and address a new economic paradigm.

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Solar water heater, solar hot water heater, heat pipe/evacuated tube solar collectors, solar water panels, solar pool heaters, solar thermal, solar water heating systems

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Exact Battery stocks Energizer, Sanyo, Maxwell, Saft, and Eveready Batteries. We specialize in Custom Battery Assemblies and Recelling of power packs. We carry Alkaline, NiMH and NiCAD Rechargeable, Industrial, and Watch and Hearing Aid Batteries.

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In New York, if you are looking for money saving and greener energy solutions for your home then contact Isaac Home Energy Performance today. Visit our site for more information.

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For the best energy solutions you need the best service provider, contact Maine Energy Inc for all your energy solutions. For more information visit our site.