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Submission Guidelines

Before submitting to the TedallSearch.com directory check to see if your site is already listed.

We accept sites with Non-English content into the directory, but the submission title and description must be in English.


Do not submit multiple times. Submitting your site multiple times per category will not improve your chances of being listed and will result in permanent exclusion from the directory.

You may submit to one category only. Please choose the most appropriate category for your site. Sites submitted to wrong or broad categories will not be accepted.

Unacceptable sites and content:

1. Website can not have illegal content or promote illegal activities.

2. Website must have a valid URL, no IP address is allowed.

3. Website must be available 24x7.

4. Website should not have broken links (404 Page not Found).

5. Mirror sites (sites with the same or similar content) are not accepted.

6. Websites with adult content are not accepted.

7. AdSense only websites or affiliate links are not accepted.

8. Websites that redirects to another address are not accepted.

9.Websites that offer services similar to our own.

10.Websites that have been banned by search engines.

When filling in the submission form, please note the following:

1.Only one listing per domain name is allowed.

2.Do not use EXCESSIVE punctuation or exclamation marks.

3.Do not USE ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or symbols.

4.Title should be the Official Business or Company name ONLY, maximum of 60 characters.

5.Description should contain your services, your products or the content of your site, minimum of 100 characters and maximum of 250 characters. It should be informative and concise. Do not use emails/phone numbers/prices in the description.

6.Avoid using words or phases such as "#1, the best, the cheapest, cool, hottest, top" and other such terms of similar meaning.

We will appreciate:

1.If you take a few minutes to study all categories and apply to the right one.

2.If you provide unique title and description.

The decision for inclusion:

An editor will review your website and approve or reject your request. If rejected, you can improve your website and submit again. If you have a useful website, and follow our guidelines, there is no reason for your website to be rejected.

We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason, as well as to remove entries or move them to other categories at any time and we reserve the right to edit your submission's title and description.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.